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Pain's Chibaku Tensei against Naruto/DBZ episode 51 when Végéta attacs Namek village, envelopped by a thick layer of earth he gets rid of once in the air.


Goku's father Baddack rebels against Freezer/ Sasuke's father prepares a "coup d'état" against Konoha

Hokuto no Ken-Naruto:

Yahiko asks Nagato to stop crying and to become strong (épisode 172)/ Raoul asks Toki to stop crying if he wants to become strong when they ask Ruyken to train them)

Naruto-Saint Seiya:

 Naruto's sennin mode in harmony with nature/ Shiryu's master who beat Alberic's ancestor by putting himself in harmony with nature.

Naruto-DBZ "a ninja gives his maximum when he must protect a dear person"

DBZ épisode 281 (Végéta resists to Bou Bou the time for Goku to create a Genki Dama)/fight between Sandaime and Orochimaru

Naruto-Hokuto no Ken:

Kaioh hates Hokuto because his mother sacrified for Hokuto/ Neiji hate the main family for his father sacrified for it;

Sasuke hates Konoha for Itachi sacrified for it.


Radditz asks Son Goku 100 persons/Manda asks Orochimaru 100 persons

Naruto-Saint Seiya:

 Guren-San's crystal is the same as Alberic's (améthyste's grave)

Hinata protects herself from the crystal with an envelop of chakra during the attack (against Guren-san and her fighters), as Gogeta when he gets absorbed by Bou Bou

Film Shippuden-DBZ:

Sasuke and Naruto use a huge quantity of energy making the monster explode

as Goku against  Babidi's monster

Saint Seiya-Naruto:

Ayoros and Ayor: Ayor's brother accused to be a betrayer though he saved Athena when a baby , as Itachi who sacrifies himself for the sake of Konoha

DBZ-NarutoDBZ épisode 30:fight between Goku-Végéta: "even by dint of intense and high level training, a second category soldier will never defeat an elite fighter" (Végéta)

Rock Lee: i will prove i can beat a genius (Neiji) with hard work 

Suffering entailed by friendly or family's links:

Ken le survivant-hokuto no ken
Souther kills unintentedly and unwillingly his master Hogaï :"feelings are too deceitful and dangerous to be accepted, love is the worst suffering a man can endure".
Kaioh has get rid of any human feelings after his mother's death (Hokuto no Ken 2).
Sasuke to Naruto (valley of end): "we suffer because of our links; do you know only what it feels to lose them? You have never had any family!!! You have always been alone!!!"
Saint Seiya:

Ikki ( Phoenix) is obliged to forsake all feelings (his master kills his own daughter Esmeralda whom Ikki is in love with, so that he may get the phoenix's armor thanks to hatred).
Ikki admits in front Casa de Lomnade (Poséidon) that a few love in relation with Esmeralda remains in his heart).
Saint-Seiya-Naruto:  The lion's rock with a shape of a lion's head
we first see it in Saint-Seiya when Seya, Shun and Yoga dive into the snow from the helicopter to meet Phoenix, with pieces of the gold armor , and also in Naruto Shippuden's 200 nd episode (rock which is also in the snow by the way)

women's sacrifice

Sayaka-Sama tuée par son frère Kaioh (Hokuto no ken 2).

OHKA-Sama (Hokuto no ken 2-épisode 41) fondatrice du Hokuto, se sacrifie et laisse sa soeur Shume condamnée par la maladie avec son bébé Shuken qui devindera le fondateur du Hokuto Shinken, mais demande en retour que son propre bébé puisse vivre. 

 se sacrifie en se livrant au Kiba pour libérer la soeur de Ray (Hokuto no Ken).

 fait diversion avec sa moto et se sacrifie pour que Ken puisse battre l'homme au canon (
Hokuto no Kenépisode 20).
Shun tente l'épreuve de la mer pour avoir son armure, à l'image d'Aphrodite (Saint Seiya).
Julia-Sama préfère se sacrifier que de laisser Shin continuer ses méfaits pour gagner son amour (Hokuto no Ken).

La mère de Kaioh se sacrifie pour sauver Ken bébé des flammes (Hokuto no Ken 2).

Esmeralda et la voix de la liberté prises en otage pour faire venir Albator (Captain Herlock 1984, Albator 84).


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